Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Totally Wild About You!

Well I'm back this week. And have some super exciting items in store for you... 

Starting off, I would like to introduce you to The High School Collection v.1

A few fonts inspired by a few friends that all take my back to the days of high school. 

The complete collection can be purchased, or you can mix and match as you please. :)

Then check out this delicious goodness. 
I teamed up with my friend, Valorie Wibbens to make a JAM PACKED kit. 
Thats right a kit. hehe. 
I've recently become addicted to illustrator and have no intentions on quitting. 
We have papers, alphas, sticker, felties, fonts, valentines cards ... 
should i go on ... because i could. 
We got started and had a hard time stopping... we bundled it altogether. 
But it can also be mix and match. 
Oh, and there is a freebie as well, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom for that one! 
Then you can hop to Val's blog and grab one from her too. 

you can download my freebie here:

and val's here: 

have a great week!

Friday, January 21, 2011

so i've been slacking.

but really only in the blog department. since my last post i have sailed around the world, found a cure for hiccups, and opened up my own law offices. ok not really, but those would have been cool. lets see, i had a birthday, celebrated-ish christmas (only in the gift and family dinner way), started project 365 and.... made a bunch of fonts. i think the exact number is a ba-gillion. I won't bombard you with all of them now, but here are a few that came out today. starting us off: 

the next four are special. why you may ask? well sunday is national handwriting day so a few of the designers gave me a sample of their handwriting to make into a font and share with all of you.  for the first round of designers, Jacque, Rachel, Sara, and Valorie.


these five are available at 20% off in my shop till sunday. hope you have a great weekend. and you may wanna check back tomorrow. just sayin'.