Friday, January 21, 2011

so i've been slacking.

but really only in the blog department. since my last post i have sailed around the world, found a cure for hiccups, and opened up my own law offices. ok not really, but those would have been cool. lets see, i had a birthday, celebrated-ish christmas (only in the gift and family dinner way), started project 365 and.... made a bunch of fonts. i think the exact number is a ba-gillion. I won't bombard you with all of them now, but here are a few that came out today. starting us off: 

the next four are special. why you may ask? well sunday is national handwriting day so a few of the designers gave me a sample of their handwriting to make into a font and share with all of you.  for the first round of designers, Jacque, Rachel, Sara, and Valorie.


these five are available at 20% off in my shop till sunday. hope you have a great weekend. and you may wanna check back tomorrow. just sayin'.

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