Friday, December 17, 2010

graduation, a podcast, and fonts

so today is the meat (or falafel) in the middle of my crazy days sandwich. 

yesterday was the portfolio show at the art institute. the class before this one (my class) all got together around 2:30 to check out the portfolios of our friends. afterwards we went to cachos for nachos. 

then last night a new episode of the paperclipping digi show came out. and guess who was on it.. me!

yup, steph from the daily digi asked me if i would be interested on being on the show and i was so excited to join. 

you can listen to it online here.

then i released three new fonts. 

allison pennington and i teamed up to turn three of her doodled alphas into fonts and here they are:

here are a few pages with them:






thats about all i've got for now since i have to start getting ready for graduation. it's weird... i haven't been in school for the past three months, and they shipped me my diploma already, but... i'm walking today. hopefully this will be some sort of closure. and i will feel like i am finally finished with the school part of my life. (that is until i get bored and decide to go to grad school)

be back with photos from the ceremony tomorrow! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I think you're waisting film."

yesterday was a totally awesome day at the studio! 

it started with this sofa being delivered:

later that evening this dog walked in:

followed by this adorable! family:

meet suzy and brian, one of the coolest couples. their boys were so much fun and kept us laughing the whole time. one of cindy's big sayings is "it doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect" and that is just what suzy wanted. cindy snapped shots when the boys fell over, when everyone was laughing, when the dog was licking faces, it was awesome. she got some really nice photos too, but the 'outtakes' are hilarious! the youngest one, who is four looks up at cindy at some point and says "i think you are waisting film." we all lost it. what four year old says this? i got to play the role of dog wrangler for chester the labradoodle. we made friends quite fast as i had treats and toys. but i have to tell you about that sofa. love it? suzy made it! she is a pretty amazing lady with an incredible portfolio. while living in england, she bought this sofa (pink), bought some denim, bought the flag, and made it look as incredible as it is now. i think she should make us one with a texas flag to take out into the blue bonnet field come spring time. (hint hint) and then i'll just keep it. k thanks. before leaving, cindy gave them candy. i asked the boys for high fives before leaving, but with sticky hands.. i decided an air high five would be better. again, the four year old puts me in stitches. he walked up to me looking like he was going to high five me, then blows his peppermint breath all over my hand. the seven year old soon follows doing the same. who knew? literally.. an air high five. thank goodness we gave them candy-canes and not peanutbutter!  

and pretty much that was my day. i uploaded the photos before leaving and they look amazing. cindy is such a great photographer and having shoots as wild as this makes everyday fun!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

another tadpole tuesday

ok, it may just be fair to say that i love all fonts. ... these are no exception. 
new for tadpole tuesday. a dollar all day!

and a few pages for inspiration: 

by rachel

by heather

by carly

by heather

by krista

by heather

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a nice little write up

well today on the-lilypad's blog i was featured under their font finds! check out this lovely little write-up:

Font Finds – The Quiet One

Doesn’t everyone LOVE when they find an amazing new font? I personally think fonts are an addiction, I know I have at least 2000 fonts installed on my computer. And you want to hear something exciting?? Each month here on the LilyPad blog we are going to feature on a font we’ve found that will be perfect for telling your stories. Starting us off, I thought it would be perfect to feature our in house ‘fontographer’ Heather Hess. And she was so amazing to share a font with us all!!! Isn’t that fabulous??

Click here to get it for free.

Here are a couple examples using it:

Or check out some of Heather’s other fonts here.

25% off any order over $2.00
coupon : happyf0nting
expires: 12/15/10

Friday, December 10, 2010

the toolbox collection

these are a few of my absolute favorite fonts that i find myself using all the time. doing so, i found it appropriate to call them the toolbox collection, as so scrappers arsenal should be without them. 

happy fonting!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

on the last night of hanukkah

i captured this photo, just before the final lights of 2010 went out: 

not to bad for an iphone photo... 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my first tadpole tuesday.

every tuesday at the-lilypad, new products are $1.00 all day long. and today, i bring you these few beauties: 

be sure to grab these today before they go up to normal price tomorrow! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

take some time to relax.

today we slept in. and it was good. had some brunch at a diner. and then headed to the guggenheim (because you know... it was just down the street)

then diner in  brooklyn at roberta's. totally recomend it if you are ever there. even worth the trip to brooklyn. ;) but tomorrow i head home. back to my real world. nyc, i love you. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a day of cooking

do today we had a ball. haha. only because we spent most of the day making matzah ball soup and cake balls. let me just say, if you haven't made cake balls... go out and make them now! the day started off in a diner.. because in nyc, is there any other way to start (or end) the day?

(kelly in her awesome new glasses)

then we went to the grocery store. picked up a few things, and headed back to the apartment. we sat on the sofa making cake balls before taking a short nap. then it came time to make the soup! kelly also made latkes from memory and a few conversations with her dad. they were great! 

(favorite dinner ever!)

we had a few friends over for dinner, then hopped on the subway to a friends birthday/going away party. 

(despite the face, i know she loves me)

we then decided we didn't want to be in times square anymore and split a cab back for some rest. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a trip to jersey city.

so i land at lga. hop in a cab (where i text a song i rewrite while being bored in traffic) and ride to the upper east side. i get there before rushing out the door with kelly (best friend) and brandon (classmate who i insist on calling brundon) to jersey city. maybe i should have prefaced this story with kelly is a rabinical student and we are going to a party with other rabinical students. we get there just in time to do all the hanukkah/shabbat blessings and then i hang out in the kitchen and help with the latkes. 
i must say, dinner was fabulous. 
split pea soup, salad, latkes, and salmon. 
then we had a book exchange. out of the room full of rabinical students, i ended up with to kill a mocking bird, which i was told is a great year to read this book (50th anniversary). 
then, back to nyc. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

time to blog.

hello font-a-holics. it's time for my debut. and it's not a bad place to start huh? for the month of december, i will be guesting at the-lilypad. pretty exciting stuff. here is a little bit about me:

now that you know bit about me, care to see my fonts? well here they are:

thats about all i have for now, im visiting my best friend in nyc this weekend so i am sure to have some fun posts about that.