Friday, December 17, 2010

graduation, a podcast, and fonts

so today is the meat (or falafel) in the middle of my crazy days sandwich. 

yesterday was the portfolio show at the art institute. the class before this one (my class) all got together around 2:30 to check out the portfolios of our friends. afterwards we went to cachos for nachos. 

then last night a new episode of the paperclipping digi show came out. and guess who was on it.. me!

yup, steph from the daily digi asked me if i would be interested on being on the show and i was so excited to join. 

you can listen to it online here.

then i released three new fonts. 

allison pennington and i teamed up to turn three of her doodled alphas into fonts and here they are:

here are a few pages with them:






thats about all i've got for now since i have to start getting ready for graduation. it's weird... i haven't been in school for the past three months, and they shipped me my diploma already, but... i'm walking today. hopefully this will be some sort of closure. and i will feel like i am finally finished with the school part of my life. (that is until i get bored and decide to go to grad school)

be back with photos from the ceremony tomorrow! 

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