Sunday, December 5, 2010

a day of cooking

do today we had a ball. haha. only because we spent most of the day making matzah ball soup and cake balls. let me just say, if you haven't made cake balls... go out and make them now! the day started off in a diner.. because in nyc, is there any other way to start (or end) the day?

(kelly in her awesome new glasses)

then we went to the grocery store. picked up a few things, and headed back to the apartment. we sat on the sofa making cake balls before taking a short nap. then it came time to make the soup! kelly also made latkes from memory and a few conversations with her dad. they were great! 

(favorite dinner ever!)

we had a few friends over for dinner, then hopped on the subway to a friends birthday/going away party. 

(despite the face, i know she loves me)

we then decided we didn't want to be in times square anymore and split a cab back for some rest. 

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