Saturday, December 4, 2010

a trip to jersey city.

so i land at lga. hop in a cab (where i text a song i rewrite while being bored in traffic) and ride to the upper east side. i get there before rushing out the door with kelly (best friend) and brandon (classmate who i insist on calling brundon) to jersey city. maybe i should have prefaced this story with kelly is a rabinical student and we are going to a party with other rabinical students. we get there just in time to do all the hanukkah/shabbat blessings and then i hang out in the kitchen and help with the latkes. 
i must say, dinner was fabulous. 
split pea soup, salad, latkes, and salmon. 
then we had a book exchange. out of the room full of rabinical students, i ended up with to kill a mocking bird, which i was told is a great year to read this book (50th anniversary). 
then, back to nyc. 

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