Sunday, December 12, 2010

a nice little write up

well today on the-lilypad's blog i was featured under their font finds! check out this lovely little write-up:

Font Finds – The Quiet One

Doesn’t everyone LOVE when they find an amazing new font? I personally think fonts are an addiction, I know I have at least 2000 fonts installed on my computer. And you want to hear something exciting?? Each month here on the LilyPad blog we are going to feature on a font we’ve found that will be perfect for telling your stories. Starting us off, I thought it would be perfect to feature our in house ‘fontographer’ Heather Hess. And she was so amazing to share a font with us all!!! Isn’t that fabulous??

Click here to get it for free.

Here are a couple examples using it:

Or check out some of Heather’s other fonts here.

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